Science Curriculum

The McKinley PTA funds a robust science program for our kids, and we are very excited about the program this year.  This year the program has four components:

Mission Science Workshop In-Class Session:  Each classroom will receive an In-Class visit from an MSW instructor once every four weeks.  Grades 4 & 5 classrooms will be split into two groups for these sessions, utilizing Ms. Charkins.  In-class sessions are always held on Fridays.

Mission Science Workshop Field Trips:  The elementary school science curriculum is divided into three “strands,” earth science, life science, & physical science.  Each class will take a field trip to MSW once per strand.

Curriculum Planning:  We have engaged a consultant, Carol Sackett, who comes strongly recommended both by Principal Sousa and by Dan Sudran, the Director of MSW.  She held half-day, grade-level curriculum planning sessions with the teachers three weeks ago.  These sessions were facilitated by hiring district-provided substitutes to relive the teachers from their classroom duties

Professional Development:  Carol Sackett will observe science teaching in the classrooms and hold follow-up sessions with individual teachers later in the school year.

Total PTA funding:  $26,200

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact the or ask Principal Sousa.