ASEP Enrollment Q&A

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Q. What is ASEP and what does it stand for?
A. ASEP stands for the After School Enrichment Program. ASEP is an independent 501c3 organization. ASEP’s mission is to provide the community with equal access to quality after school programming through Arts Enrichment, Academic Support and Health and Wellness. For over twenty years ASEP has served the McKinley Community with our Comprehensive Program and most recently our Language Program and Specialty Club Programs. ASEP has always provided a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for children as their parents go to work, school or seek employment. More information on ASEP, including tuition, can be found at

Q. What is “Comprehensive ASEP”?
A. Comprehensive ASEP at McKinley is an all-in-one after school program where students are picked up, fed a healthy snack and are taken care of, starting at 2:00pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, & Fridays) and 1:00pm (Wednesdays) until pick up at 6:00pm. During Comprehensive ASEP, students engage in a variety of activities including Theme Based Learning, Homework & Tutoring Assistance, Arts Enrichment and PlaySEP (physical activity). Comprehensive ASEP is open to students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Q. What are ASEP’s “Specialized Clubs”?
A. Monday through Friday ASEP offers additional “Specialized Clubs”. Specialty Clubs provide the community with part time options and additional enrichment opportunities. Students who participate in the Specialty Clubs have the option to transition into Comprehensive ASEP or “Club After-Care” until 6pm Mon-Fri. Space is limited in all clubs thus ASEP staff will be administering a lottery-based enrollment system to provide all students with an equal opportunity to attend these clubs. ASEP follows a bi-annual enrollment policy for Specialty Clubs. Students admitted into the Fall 2019 Specialty Clubs will be enrolled until December 20th 2019 and will need to re-apply for Spring 2020 Specialty Club programs.

  • Dance Club **New Club Opportunity** (Available for 2nd through 5th grades on Wednesdays from 1-3:10pm) This club empowers young people through dance training, leadership opportunities, and performance experiences. Students learn to discover their unique style through creative movement and studying multiple styles of dance.
  • Soccer Club (Available for Kinder & 1st graders on Mondays and Fridays from 2-3:10pm) Specifically tailored for beginners of the sport, students learn the basic skills needed to further appreciate the game and eventually play organized soccer in the future!
  • Chess Club (Available for Kinder through 3rd graders on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3:10pm) Emphasizing fun over the competitive elements, this club allows students to practice their problem solving, analytical and logical skills all while having fun playing chess!
  • Basketball Club (Available for 2nd through 5th graders on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3:10pm) Each week students will learn a new skill such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rules of the game, etc. Students will play fun basketball activities as well as exciting instructional scrimmaging.
  • Art Club (Available for Kinder & 1st graders on Wednesday only from 1-3:10pm) This club sparks students’ creativity by exploring two- dimensional and three- dimensional art through drawing, painting, paper mache and sculpture. Students are exposed to the nuances of each medium and have the opportunity to create and share their own creative designs.
  • Digital Sound Arts Club (Available for 2nd through 5th graders on Wednesdays only from 1-3:10pm) This club introduces sound on many different levels through technology, music and movement! Students will learn the history of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Hip Hop from around the world by identifying forms, styles and patterns. Using sound mixing technology, students will produce their own songs and perform for their families and peers.
  • Lego Engineering Club (Available for Kinder & 1st graders on Fridays only from 2-3:10pm) This club provides an opportunity for students to build, learn and play with LEGO Bricks. Classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of engineering and design.
  • S.T.E.A.M Makers Club (Available for 2nd & 3rd graders on Fridays only from 2-3:10pm) Modeled on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) initiative, this club focuses on developing children’s skills and interest in STEAM subjects as well as helping them apply creative approaches to problem solving and coding through the building of Piper computer kits.

What is ASEP’s “Language Program”?

A. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and Wednesday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, ASEP offers a quality language enrichment program crafted specifically for after school and the McKinley community. ASEP’s Language Enrichment Program is designed for weekly curriculum themes focusing on Art, Music, Physical Education and Reading/Vocab Comprehension. Three levels of Spanish and two levels of Mandarin classes are offered. Enrollment priority will go to returning students. Otherwise, enrollment will be based on a lottery system. ASEP’s Spanish Language Program is open to students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade, while the Mandarin Language Program is open to students in grands Kindergarten through 5th Grades. Space is limited in all Language classes thus ASEP staff recommends that families sign up for these programs as soon as enrollment opens to increase your child’s chances of being placed in preferred activities. Families who enroll their child in the Language Enrichment Program will also have an option to elect for “Language After-Care” until 6pm which follows a similar structure to ASEP’s Comprehensive Program with homework support, play-based learning and arts enrichment as well as the Friday club options.

ASEP Tuition & Scholarship Structure

Q: Does ASEP offer free scholarships for families that qualify?
A: ASEP offers completely free programming (scholarships) for families in need. Scholarship eligibility forms can be found in ASEP’s application packet. Otherwise, based on income eligibility, ASEP charges tuition for all of our programs. This allows us to sustain one unified and high quality program at each of our school sites, for all children, regardless of the ethnic or economic backgrounds. Below you will also find additional information regarding ASEP’s registration, scholarship application and reduced tuition options.

  • Scholarships and Reduced Tuition Option
    Thanks to generous support from the SFUSD and the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, we are able to offer many scholarship slots in our Comprehensive program and limited scholarships in the Specialty Clubs and Language Enrichment
    Program at no charge to families. If the tuition prices are a hardship for your family, please contact ASEP’s Admin Team ( or call 415-255-9319 for more information on reduced tuition & scholarship availability. Financial information and additional forms (2 recent pay stubs or tax return) will be required for qualification and must be submitted by the May 22nd 2019 deadline.

Q. How do I register my child for ASEP for the 19-20 school year and when are the important registration dates?
A. ASEP’s registration will open on May 1, 2019.  An online application form will be available on ASEP’s website ( Hard copy applications will also available in room 10.  Other important registration dates include:

  • Wednesday May 22nd 2019: All ASEP application (either online or hard copy) are due on Wednesday May 22nd 2019 to be included in the 1st lottery round for Fall 2019 Specialty Clubs or Language Enrichment Program. Families have an option to submit the application after the 5/22/19 deadline or mail hard copy applications to our main office (2201 Market St. SF 94114), however families will not receive sibling priority or assume their child will have a spot in ASEP programming for the first day of the 19/20 school year. Proof of income documents for scholarship eligibility are also due on this date.
  • Friday June 21st 2019: ASEP will send out official acceptance notifications via email to all families who submitted their applications by the May 22nd 2019 deadline. On this date, families who pay ASEP Tuition will also receive their Fall 2019 Tuition Contract and Recurring Payment Form.
  • Friday July 5th 2019: ASEP Tuition Contracts and Recurring Payment Forms are due. All ASEP families who pay tuition are required to submit a signed Fall 2019 tuition contract to guarantee services on the first day of school on 8/19/19. July 5th 2019 is ALSO the deadline to submit a Recurring Payment Form to be eligible for the online auto pay option for the July 2019 invoice for August 2019 services.
  • Wednesday July 25th 2019: ASEP will send all tuition paying families the July 2019 invoice. For any families that submitted their Recurring Payment Form by July 5th 2019, their first payment will be reflected on the July ‘19 invoice and their balance will be zero. Invoices will be due upon receipt with a 10-day grace period. Families can pay tuition online ( or via check (mail to 2201 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94114). 

ASEP Site Coordinator: Aren Bass
Phone: 415-863-2737
ASEP McKinley Office Location: Room 10, McKinley Elementary School, 1025 14th St. San Francisco, CA 94114.