Dog Show

Dogfest Dog Show

With the cancellation of the park event, we’ve moved the DogShow online! Check out this year’s categories & winners!

2020 Everyday Dog Show Winners!

Best Costume—Judges vote on dog with best costume; extra points for originality.

Rocky – submitted by Nora Trachtenberg

Best Tail—Long, short, skinny or wide, let’s see whose tail comes out on top!

Strawberry – submitted by Cheryl Power

Celebrity Look-Alike—Which dog looks most like someone famous?

Duncan submitted by Ryan Hendrix

Funniest Looking—Which dog can look the goofiest?

Rocky – submitted by Nora Trachtenberg

Most Adorable—We want your submissions to elicit a lot of “Awww, how cuuute” out of the judges.

Rocky – submitted by Nora Trachtenberg

Best Cat—Yes, we’re letting the cats represent this year!

Elrond – submitted by Juliana Zolynas

Check out this video of the winners and vote tallies for all contestants.
Thank you to everyone who participated!


Winners in each category will receive a small dog/cat bed donated by Chewy.