Dog Show


The Dog Show is the highlight of DogFest. Scores of furry friends take turns on the catwalk (dogwalk?) to compete for Best Tail, Best Ears, and more!

Dog Show Schedule & Registration

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Dog Show Schedule 2024

Times are estimates – please check in 10 minutes before category start time

  • 12:00pm Best Costume
  • Judges vote on dog with best costume; extra points for originality.
  • 12:25pm Best Tail
  • Long, short, skinny or wide, let’s see whose tail comes out on top!
  • 12:45pm Best Trick
  • Dogs have 30 seconds to show off their best trick(s). Props encouraged.
  • 1:10pm Best Coat
  • Whose coat is the most luxurious?
  • 1:30pm HALF TIME SHOW! 
  • 2:00pm Best Mutt
  • A little of this and a little of that, sugar and spice makes everything nice. Whose best friend is made up of the best mix?
  • 2:20pm Best Ears
  • Big or little, crooked or straight, hear hear for best ears!
  • 2:40pm Best Lap Dog
  • Judges are looking for dogs that are great on your lap and the velvet throne.
  • 3:00pm (Openly Corrupt) Best-In-Show**
  • The winners of each of the main categories (ears, coat, trick, etc.) and anyone who wants to buy their way in for $50 will be entered in this final contest of the day. **Brace yourself – it really is corrupt, but it’s all in good fun with the goal of raising the most money possible for McKinley Elementary school!