Welcome to McKinley

Welcome to McKinley! We are so pleased that you will be part of our amazing community!

Let us Get to Know YOU!
Sign up for classroom lists and get matched to volunteer opportunities (no pressure!).

Our New Parent Handbook is a must read for your morning coffee or right before bed with a tall glass of milk and a box of cookies.
Read it here!

Register your Child at McKinley
The first (and most important) step in our journey together is for you to register your child at McK! Please follow the directions on the assignment letter that was mailed to you by the SFUSD or check on the SFUSD website . If you do not register your student at school by the deadline mentioned in your letter, you may lose your student’s spot at McKinley.

School begins on Monday, August 15th 2016. Students who do not attend within the first three days of school will be withdrawn. If you have enrolled but do not plan to attend, please notify the school or contact the Educational Placement Center.

Sign Up for McK Communications!
We’d like to invite you to sign up for our communications system. Please email communications@mckinleyschool.org and we will add you to the system. It’s one of the very important way we communicate as a school. Once school starts, you’ll also be receiving Wednesday Folders with all kinds of great information, including the monthly McK Monitor! Note: Sign-ups for School Communications do NOT substitute your registration at school.

Join our Mentor Program

If you would like to be put in touch with a current McKinley parent who can answer all the questions you have about the school and how everything works, please email mentorprogram@mckinleyschool.org

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