Schedule of Events


Click here for a map of the DogFest layout.

ALL DAY EVENTS (11am-4pm):

Silent Auction (Sponsored by Armentum Partners)
Hotels, Restaurants, Tickets, Gift Certificates and much more!

Chow Zone (Sponsored by Whole Foods)
Hot dogs, Aidells Sausages, Hamburgers, Pulled Pork sandwiches, Veggie burgers

Rescue Zone (Sponsored by Big Dogs)
Pet Care and Adoption

Kid Carnival (Sponsored by Escape From New York Pizza)
Carnival Games, Inflatables, Balloon Animals, Face Painting, Children’s Actvities, Baked Goods, Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Snow Cones!

Vendor Marketplace (Sponsored by Mr.Muggles’ Dogs)
Local wares for all of your favorite two and four legged friends!

The Winners of the 8th Annual Raffle were…

3rd prize: Congratulations Mary S!
Your lucky ticket, sold by Elodie in room 22, earned you the amazing 50 minute Airplane Tour of the Bay for 2!

2nd prize: Goes to Linda Marshall!
Your granddaughter Cheyenne, in room 12, sold you the ticket that won the PS4!-or cash equivalent.

And the 1st prize of 4 Giants tickets, dinner and gift certificate goes to Teddy Volpe’s Heidi Languis!


11:00 am Welcome to Dogfest!
The Everyday Dog Show! (Sponsored by Big Dog Sportswear)
All Dog Show times are estimates – if your dog is competing (pre-register now), please check in 10 minutes before start time noted!
11:30 am Best Costume – Judges vote on dog with best costume; extra points for originality.
11:50 am Best Trick – Dogs have 30 seconds to show off their best trick(s). Props encouraged.
12:10 pm Best Bark – Contestants are given 30 seconds to show off their vocal abilities.
12:30 pm Special Performance by Cherry Hoops! Get infused with Hoopy goodness.
Dog Show Resumes!
1:00 pm Best Guradian/Dog Look Alike – Not a costume contest. Judges look for dogs and guardians that have grown to look similar or have common natural features or characteristics. Contestants may describe their similarities such as pointy ears, sad eyes, long legs, shy, hyperactive, a love of life, etc.
1:20 pm Best Body Part – Every dog has ears, a tail, a coat and paws. Are these ears better than your tail? Judges choose.
1:40 pm Best Lap Dog – Judges are looking for dogs that are great on your lap and the velvet throne.
2:00 pm Best Coat – Self-explanitory, no?
2:20 pm The Most Openly Corrupt Best-In-Show Contest – Brace yourself: it really is corrupt, but it’s all in good fun with the goal of raising the most money possible for the school. The winners of each of the main categories (ears, bark, trick, etc.) and anyone who wants to buy their way in for $50 will be entered in this final contest of the day. The audience bribes the judges (by throwing lots of money in buckets being passed around) to keep working and decide which dog will be crowned Best-In-Show.
Dog Show Completed
3:30 pm Raffle Drawing
4:00 pm Silent Auction ends

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