Tacolicious Monday

There are only two Mondays left in September to  help raise funds for our school through Tacolicious’ School Project.

A reminder, EVERY Monday throughout EVERY September, we will receive 15% of ALL sales at Tacolicious’ Mission location.  Definitely say thank you (no other restaurant on my radar is this generous to public schools)- and if there’s a wait just ask for Leilan (their GM). She wants to be sure us McKinley folk have a great experience and will do her very best to speed things up for you. Gather your friends and get the word out!  (Note: dine-in, take-away, and bar orders all count, but gift cards purchased that day do not).

And if you are anxious to make more of these delicious meals at home, treat yourself to the excellent Tacolicious cookbook – buy it at the restaurant on Monday to help the school!